Världens vackraste

I veckan utsågs Cape Town till världens vackraste metropol….inte helt oväntat då det är en fantastisk stad. Helt magisk. Svårt att beskriva….måste upplevas. Jag längtar tills jag får återse denna juvel. 😍 Roligt att se på 20-i-topp-listan är att Stockholm ligger på en hedrande 12:e plats. Läs hela listan på http://www.buzzfeed.com/mayathebee/the-20-most-beautiful-cities-in-the-world-r9ot

Såhär beskrivs vinnaren Cape Town:


Marvellous? That’s not even the half of it for this gorgeous metropolis!


Located at the Southern Tip of Africa lies the world’s most beautifully situated city. ‘The Mother City’ is cradled between massive and distinctive mountains. The central city is backed by one of the new seven wonders of nature, Table Mountain (3563 feet / 1086m) and is flanked by Devil’s Peak (3281 feet / 1000m) and Lion’s head (2195 feet / 669m). These mountains are three of roughly eighty peaks found in the city’s limits, some of which exceed 5000 feet (1500m) in height.

The mountains of the Cape Peninsula are made of a hard stone found nowhere else on earth and often form sheer cliffs that fall into the cold sapphire colored waters of the Atlantic on the city’s west, and the warm jade colored waters of the Indian on the city’s east. Iconic landscapes include Cape Point where the oceans meet, the Twelve Apostles, and the vividly colored cliffs of Chapman’s Peak Drive which has been called ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Coastal Drive’.

As with Rio, landscape is only one part of this magnificent city’s beauty. Uniquely the city has dozens of vineyards, many amongst the world’s finest and oldest, in its suburbs. Forests, beaches, valleys, magnificent tree lined avenues and cliff-side suburbs bedeck this thousand square mile city like jewels – each more entrancing than the last. People have lived there for over 40 000 years and it has been populated by people from around the globe. Cape Town has many magnificent examples of old Dutch, Malay and British architecture, as well as exemplary modern buildings thanks to the post-Apartheid boom in the South African economy. All of this makes it immediately clear why the city was named World Design Capital 2014. Famous architectural examples and districts include the techni-colored district of the Bo Kaap, which is uniquely both Malay and Georgian, the reclaimed V&A Waterfront, the Town Hall, Constantia’s Wine Farms, the whale-like International Convention Centre, St George’s Mall and the World Cup Soccer Stadium. The diverse religious background of the city is evident in historic buildings like St George’s Cathedral, the Habibia Soofi Mosque and the twin towered Gardens Shul.

To add to this beauty is Cape Town’s unparalleled biological heritage. The city is the world’s most bio-diverse, and has more plant species than New Zealand. Table Mountain alone has more species than the UK. Forget Central Park, or even Rio’s Parque Tijuca, Cape Town’s largest park is over two and a half times the size of Manhattan, and the city has dozens of nature reserves within its limits! It has almost one hundred miles (150kms) of pristine sand beaches, more than Rio and Sydney combined! This is one of very few places in the world where one can see Killer Whales, Penguins and Great White Sharks in the same waters.

The diverse architectural and cultural influences from Africa, Europe and Asia have melted together for centuries in this stunningly beautiful natural setting to form one of the world’s most fascinatingly diverse cities, and the single most beautiful city on Earth.


2 thoughts on “Världens vackraste

  1. Idag kan jag tala om att du ska vara glad att du slipper vara här! Det är så j–la KALLT! Regnet vräker ner, det haglar, blixtrar och åskar och det blåser som f-n (usch vad jag svär!). Vinden är iskall! Vi har inte mer än 10C ute och typ 17C inne! Vi sitter spikade framför brasan iklädda massor med kläder (inklusive dunväst) och längtar till att få åka till Sverige nästa fredag! Brrrr! Ja, och ni vet ju att 10C här är såååå mycket kallare än 10C i Sverige!

  2. Pratade precis med Viktor som är i CT och förstod att det är KALLT! Här hemma är det ljuvligt, sommar i Sverige när den är som bäst. Bra men väldigt kort som du vet så man får passa på att njuta de få dagarna som det är fint. Annat är det ju i ZA men den låååååånga härliga sommaren :). Men det blir allt bra kul för er att åka till Sverige en stund i sommar! Hur länge stannar ni?

    Kram kram


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